One in a Million
Gunsnr-liesun 02
by Guns N' Roses
Album G N' R Lies
Released (US Album) November 29, 1988
(UK Album) December 17, 1988
Genre Hard Rock
Length 6:09
Writers Axl Rose
Label Geffen Records
Producer Mike Clink
G N' R Lies chronology
7. "You're Crazy" 8. "One in a Million"

"One in a Million" is the eighth and final track on Guns N' Roses' G N' R Lies record. It created major controversy because of it's lyrics, particularly the use of offensive slurs such as "niggers" and "faggots", and so the song was criticised for encouraged racism and homophobia.


"One in a Million" was performed live only twice. It debuted at the acoustic show at CBGB's in New York City on October 30th, 1987, which also featured the live debut of "Patience." The song was only performed one more time, opening an acoustic set on January 31st 1988 at The Limelight , also in New York City. The song has never resurfaced in a Guns N' Roses set. thumb|300px|left

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