Jenny is a musician who appears on "Shackler's Revenge", the second track of Guns N' Roses' album Chinese Democracy. Jenny stands out among her Chinese Democracy colleagues due to the fact that she is in fact an Asian elephant.


Jenny was born in Borneo, India on October 22, 2005. Her early life was one of hardship and despair, having her tusks cut off at a very young age and being left for dead. It was only through the will of God that Axl Rose and his entourage happened to be in the area at the time, and noticed the elephant lying on the ground. He immediately called his entourage of six buses to a halt, not wanting to get elephant guts on the recently cleaned tires. Rose was about to kick the elephant out of the way, when he heard a faint noise come out of her trunk. Sebastian Bach has cited in an interview that this conversation followed:

"Did you hear that?"
-Axl Rose

-Sebastian Bach

"That sound."
-Axl Rose

"Yeah dude, it's the sound elephants make."
-Sebastian Bach

"It's perfect."
-Axl Rose

"Perfect for what?"
-Sebastian Bach

"The groundbreaking sound we need for Shackler's, idiot!"
-Axl Rose

"Oh, right right right, yeah dude, yeaaaahh duuuude."
-Sebastian Bach

So Sebastian and Axl hauled Jenny onto the tour bus, and her life of stardom began. Axl immediately called off the 2006 release date of Chinese Democracy and spent the next 2 years of his life in Asia, raising Jenny in her natural habitat. Finally, in the Summer of 2008, Axl deemed Jenny worthy to record "Shackler's Revenge". He spent millions of dollars preparing his recording studio to be made elephant friendly, and had Jenny flown in first class. Axl personally escorted Jenny into the recording studio where she would record her world famous solo of triumphant trumpeting. After 600 takes, Jenny finally recorded a solo Axl liked, and it was put onto the song. Chinese Democracy was released one month later, on November 23, 2008.

Jenny has been confirmed to appear on The Legend of the Red Panda, along with a song written about her droppings titled "Monstrosity".


With Guns N' Roses
  • Chinese Democracy (one song)


  • It is a common misconception that Jenny's solo is in fact a guitar note played by Bumblefoot. This is not the case.
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